Call for Participants to be photographed, Store & Archive

Over the next couple of months, Store & Archive have been commissioned by The Harold Wilson Centenary Art Fund to create a piece of portable public art to celebrate the Centenary and legacy of Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson.

We are looking for participants who will volunteer to be photographed as part of this new public art commission that will travel around the UK. The aim is to create a legacy of Harold Wilson, to share an understanding of his significance, to increase engagement in historical and political discussion, and to link Harold Wilson to the next generation.

Categories for portraits include:

1. Dockers

2. Open University

3. Equal Pay for Women

4. Vietnam War

5. White Heat of Technology

We look to photograph participants that represent the everyman or woman who have been affected by the change that occurred in response to each of these acts.

At the moment we are looking for individuals who may be interested in getting involved. There will be a series of dates, locations and times to chose from, which are currently being organised.

Tentative dates and locations are:

Leeds_Saturday 30th July

Knowsley_Saturday 17th September

Liverpool_Saturday 01st October

Huddersfield_Saturday 08th October

London_Saturday 15th October

The set up of the day would be 30mins slots, during which you can have a chat with design studio Store & Archive about your life and discover your individual relevance to Harold Wilson. Three traditional tintype portraits will be taken of you, and these will be used in the final public art piece and a supplementary archive.

One hundred individuals will be photographed to represent the Centenary.  Not all participants will realise the importance or connection of Harold Wilson, but this is part of the role of this commission; to extend an understanding and appreciation of how we are able to live our lives today as a result of Harold Wilson’s actions. He positively changed many lives, and his actions are still changing lives today.

The individual brief can be downloaded here: