Call for proposals – Stockport Art Gallery Project


Stockport Art Gallery Project have now opened up the exhibition calendar for submissions.

We are looking for proposals from solo artists, artists groups, art led mental health groups and education groups for exhibitions running forward.  All submissions will be adjudicated by a panel made from gallery staff, gallery volunteers, art therapy groups, education leaders. The panel’s decision is final.

The panel’s aim is that the gallery will showcase a range of artistic talent, working in a variety of art forms and styles.  The panel will give thought to not only the content of the exhibition but to your commitment and ability to promote your exhibition to the widest audience and generate the highest visitor numbers.

The gallery is an excellent venue for 3D exhibitions as well as 2D and the panel would like to see more 3D work submitted into the selection process.

East and West  Galleries (Ground Floor): 30-60 works each.

Upper Gallery (First Floor): 60-100 works.

Art Link (Ground Floor) 30 – 50 works

NB: Number of works is estimated according to average sizes displayed in previous exhibitions

Groups and individuals are required to mount and interpret their exhibitions prior to the start date and demount works and make good walls in advance of the next exhibition.   All expected responsibilities of exhibitors and the Council are outlined in an exhibitor agreement, which all groups/individuals using the gallery are required to sign.

The gallery charges a standard rate of 30% commission on the sales of all works, including peripheral sales such as cards, prints etc.

Why not visit Stockport Art Gallery to familiarise yourself with the spaces available.

Think about the space(s) you wish to use for your exhibition, bearing in mind:

  • The number of works you wish to display
  • Your capacity/ability to mount and dismount the exhibition
  • Think about possible exhibition slots within which you would be able to exhibit your works, bearing in mind
  • Your ability or capacity to prepare works and interpretation for the exhibition
  • Your availability to mount and dismount the exhibition during the dates specified
  • Most importantly, think about your ability to promote your exhibition.

The success of your exhibition will depend upon how well and how widely you can promote it, bearing in mind we can only help with web based advertising through our website. Experience has shown us that the exhibitors who spend the most time and effort in getting the promotion out in front of the public, are the ones that gain the widest audience, footfall at the gallery and ultimately, the highest sales.

If you have any further questions please contact Stockport Art Gallery on: 0161 474 4453