Call for proposals – Everything under the Sun (and the Moon)

Everything under the Sun (and the Moon)

Hi All,

Culture Liverpool has a beautiful opportunity available to Local Arts and Cultural organisations – something that we know you will be as excited about as we are.

As part of the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta (Friday 25th-Monday 28th May 2018), we have secured two magical installation – “The Rising and Setting Sun” by Will Simpson and the ‘Museum of the Moon’ by Luke Jerram. They are a magical sunlight reflector mounted on a metal frame which will guide the Tall Ships into the Canning Dock from a grassy vantage point on the waterfront and a 23ft diameter replica of the Moon which will be suspended within the Anglican Cathedral. Just above head height and Illuminated from within.

Both Installations are stunning, thought provoking and very relaxing pieces which unmask our basic human need to gaze at the moon and bask in the sun. The Rising Sun is a new commission for the event whilst the Moon has toured the world enthralling audiences wherever it goes and it will be our turn soon!

So, where do you come in? The Moon, hanging alone within The ‘Well’ at the Anglican Cathedral will be stunning. It also lends itself to a myriad of creative programming opportunities and we are welcoming your ideas to appear Under the Moon on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th May and Monday 28th May. The Sun will be rising and setting just behind the Pier Master House Albert Dock and we are welcoming ideas for performances and happenings from Monday 21st May through until Monday 28th May at sunset (approximately (9.20 p.m).

If you are interested, please send us a description of what your activity might be (300 words Max), leave us your contact details, and we will let you know if you’ve made it onto the programme. If you are successful we may also ask you to re create your performance/ happening elsewhere in Liverpool City Centre as part of our wider programme of Tall Ships animation.

Space and time are limited (no, really…) and we have a small budget for simple activity as well as this beautiful opportunity for you or your organisation to shine.

If you are interested, email us at  and mark your message – “ Sun and Moon”. The Deadline for Submissions is: Tuesday 3rd April 2018.  Here’s a link to the Museum of the Moon Website –