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Call for Proposals – Curating on The Web, Cognitive Sensations

Cognitive Sensations is dedicated to exploring innovative methods of online audience engagement, curatorial and artistic approaches. In November 2020, we launched a new blog short series ‘Curating on the Web’, to act as a critique for analysing the internet as a medium for expressing art. Our following programme, The Downloadable Brain, took new experimental approaches in testing out different forms of online delivery, pushing the boundaries of art production through physical and virtual settings.

We are commissioning explorative articles as part of the ‘Curating on the Web’ series, with a focus on the following topics:

  • Critical evaluation pieces (c. 1200 words) exploring the curatorial approaches in The Downloadable Brain season, a multidisciplinary programme investigating the biological connection between humans and technology.

    We are particularly interested in evaluation of the following artwork commissions:
  • Aligning our programme with other online curatorial approaches and practices by leading new media arts organisations.
  • Guides and toolkits to inspire and inform the online curatorial and artistic practices of others.
  • “Art after Covid”. What have we learnt, what can we expect, what can we take away? How has the digital transformation of culture changed art and audience engagement?

We welcome submissions from a wide variety of international practitioners at any stage in their careers, so get in touch!

How will these be presented?

The successful submissions will be featured on the Cognitive Sensations website as part of the ‘Curating on the Web’ blog series.

Previous posts include:

Available Commissions

3 x commissions @ £200 each.

1200 words or visual essay/experimental approaches.

How to Apply

Please email the following to Gabriella Warren-Smith at cognitivesensations@gmail.com:

  • A short description (100-200 words) of your proposal and in what form (article, review, reflection piece etc)
  • A short bio (no longer than 100 words)
  • 1-3 examples of previous work (jpg/pdf)

We will not accept previously published work


All submissions must be received by Wednesday 18th August, midnight.