Call for Contemporary Composer for new performance, Dorcas Seb

Call for Contemporary Composer for new performance, Dorcas Seb

  • 8th December 2019
  • Part time
  • Paid (£25k-30k pro rata)
  • Dorcas Sebuyange

Looking for a contemporary composer to join the artistic team for a new immersive audio-visual performance piece by Dorcas Seb.
This project will further the development of Dorcas Seb’s show Vice Versa, a piece that is rooted from the artist’s album tracks and was presented in the style of gig-theatre in its last R&D phase.

The next phase looks to collaborate with a contemporary composer who is able to support the live instrumentals. The style of the music is very eclectic, ranging from Electronic Synths, Pop, RnB and there are also elements of Spoken Word.
This collaborative process will involve replicating the sounds from the album but it is also open to recreate instrumentals for this live project.

This project is supported by HOME Manchester, Unity Theatre and Eclipse Theatre: SLATE, and it aims to tour as a performance-art installation in the year 2021.


  • Music production experience
  • Knowledge of sound software
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Multi-instrumentalist skills / Electronic production skills
  • Experience performing live

Theatre experience

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