Call for Artists – SPINE – Arts and Science Exhibition, Lancaster University

‘SPINE’ is a festival of conversation, hosted by the Lancaster University spine which celebrates the global research and infinite conversation that exists around us all. It is a summer thriving with ideas, inspiration and dialogue on campus. Artists and Designers are invited to apply to create and present a piece of work that celebrates Astrophysics and its global impact as part of our summer conversations (June 30th 2019-October 2019). Our aim is to enable students’ to learn about the latest discoveries with scientists and researchers through art and scientific displays. For our first showcase we particularly welcome work reflecting the role ‘astrophysics and research’ has had in moving our global society forward. The work will encourage recipients to take a different view on research and look at the impact of it through different lens. We are looking for artist led ideas. You might be an individual artist, or an independent company. The most important thing is that you are putting forward a great idea exploring science in a contemporary context and you are open to engaging with scientific research. We also welcome work referencing more specific subjects, including: birth and death of galaxies, black holes, mysteries of northern lights.

We accept projects from diverse disciplines, which would include: video, sound, web-based work, design.
We welcome artists’ interventions in a specific locale of the Spine. The work can be static/or semi-static, site-specific installations that can form part of Spine. Artists will create ephemeral or removable representations along particular pathways so that the spine premises are not permanently altered. The work can primarily become part of spine, and/or restructure the viewers’ conceptual experience of certain elements of the spine (window, floor, wall, pillar etc.) through the artists intervention.
For a full brief and more information about the project, email Ewa Ratcliffe:

For applications, send your CV and portfolio with no more than 2 x A4 pages description of how you will approach the project, with project outline, budget and supporting links/images.