Call for Contributions / Skulptorvox Vol 1

Call for Contributions / Skulptorvox Vol 1

Seeking essays, creative writing, short reviews, interviews or photographic work that explores and responds

to the title and theme ‘Geometry of Nothing’ / The ‘Geometry of Nothing’ reflects upon a number of perspectives concerning the creative process and the observer’s place in the artwork; new beginnings and the importance of interaction. Creative work may be considered ex nihilo, something from nothing. In this inaugural volume of Sculptorvox we look to explore the origins, drives and outcomes from the artist’s compulsion to create physical, tangible and even virtual objects, realms, realities and dialogues. The title also reflects the introduction of Sculptorvox as a print publication and with it for the reader a slower, more contemplative consumption of information. We want both written and photographic contributions that broadly and creatively interpret the theme ‘Geometry of Nothing’. Suggested topics may include, but are not limited to:

• Negative space

• Relational aesthetics

• Socially engaged practice


• Ideation

• Interaction

• Audience participation

Sculptorvox is a print publication revealing the lives, minds and creative output of some of the world’s best and upcoming contemporary artists working in three dimensions. / Closing date for submissions Tuesday 28 February 2017 / More info, including submission details, HERE