CALL: The Amazing Art Sale for Refugees

Dear Fellow Artist

I’m hoping that you would like to be part of something amazing. What I’m asking is for you to send me a 6” x 6” (inches) original piece of art work for an online sale to raise money to help refugees. You don’t have to make this specially – it could be something from a sketchbook, part of a painting or a print that never got finished, or, for photographers, an artist’s proof. Anything goes – paint, draw, collage, textile, stitch – as long as it’s 2D and it’s original.

Your artworks will be sold online, unsigned, for £20 each, from 10 March 2018 on This money (minus postage) will help MerseyAid for Refugees ( charity number 1173129) send clothing, blankets, food and medical aid to refugees stranded across Europe and beyond. ALL proceeds will be towards transport costs so your work directly benefits refugees.

So, to recap:

1. Please send your 6” x 6” image by 28 February to Clare Flinn, Hub Studios, Northern Lights Building, 5 Mann St., Liverpool L8 5AF. One image would be generous, but 2 or 3 (or even more) would be truly amazing. If you are happy to, please sign the back of the images and include an email address so I can keep you updated.


2. Please SHARE this with your artist friends, students and colleagues and let’s make this sale HUGE.

3. On 10 March, have a look at the website and buy some beautiful artwork and encourage all your friends to do the same.

You can also track our progress on Facebook: The Amazing Art Sale for Refugees.



I’m a Liverpool-based artist, who has worked with asylum-seekers here, and been to Lesbos to see the refugee situation first hand. I’m now involved with MerseyAid.