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Bringing digital arts innovations to St Helens – Artist Brief, Ideas Alliance

Bringing digital arts innovations to St Helens – Artist Brief, Ideas Alliance

  • Closes: 30th October 2020
  • Type: Part time
  • Salary: Paid (£25k-30k pro rata)
  • Contact: Hayley Trowbridge

As our lives become increasingly dependent on digital tools we urgently need to explore the impacts of technological advancement on our cultural world. Part of this is better understanding how this connects to the growing need for physical community spaces, such as libraries.

As part of a wider piece of action research, Ideas Alliance are working with St Helens Borough Libraries to commission a creative digital arts project – inviting innovative ideas for how our increasingly digital society might affect the people of St Helens Borough. This call is aimed at artists or groups whose practices play with the ways digital and physical can interact, and who want to experiment with the spaces formed by this creative use of technology. 

We are flexible about the approaches and outcomes used, as this is a chance to explore possibilities and invent new ways of engaging. As such, we welcome a wide-range of art practices, (everything from creative research, or digital workshops, to film-based works, performances, and installations which use creative technologies) as long as the final proposal is one which unites people through the use of technology. 

The commissioned project will be delivered (either digitally, in Libraries, or a mixture of the two) by the end of January 2021, and comes with a budget of £4,000. In addition, you will be asked to take part in an evaluation of the project once it is finished. This budget is broken down as roughly £250 per day for approx. 16 days of work overall. However, if you envisage your project will need a production budget this should be accounted for from the £4,000 budget (up to a maximum of £1000) and days worked on the project reduced accordingly.

Diversity in the arts is really important to all partners in this project.

Deadline: 30 October 2020, 12pm/midday 

To apply download the full brief here and submit your applications to Hayley Trowbridge (