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Brightlife, Cheshire: Funding the Arts of Ageing

Brightlife, Cheshire
Funding the Arts of Ageing  

£60,000 of Brightlife funding has been announced to create culturally engaging experiences that will help older people feel more connected with their community by providing opportunities to access a broad range of arts over a two year period.

In addition to different health needs, people of different ages may also have different interests + different preferred methods of communication. The project will need to identify how it will address various communication preferences + interests. Participating in the arts, including joining choirs, attending the theatre, visiting the cinema and participating in writing classes is beneficial to older people. It has a positive influence on physical and mental well-being. Participation in arts activity can also help to improve relationships between participants and the wider community.

To read the full specification, + for details of how to apply, please visit:

DEADLINE: 30 September 2016