Book Opportunity for 50 Female Artists


We are looking for 50 female artists to be included in a book to be published by the end of December 2019.

The book is entitled ‘WOMEN: Inspiring Quotes & Artistic Responses’. It is dedicated to promoting art and words by women. It is based on the idea that many of us have been inspired by the words of a famous woman (past or present) and that those words have resonated with us and maybe even inspired our own work.

So, we are asking you to supply a quotation that resonates with you. Your quotation needs to be from a woman and be genuine and short – two or three lines only. Please name the source.

You must then explain how or why your chosen quotation resonates with you and say briefly (150 – 200 words) how it has inspired your work.

Finally, you must choose an example of your own work that best illustrates your text.

Submission Guidelines for ‘WOMEN’ book.

Your entry must be submitted by FRIDAY 1ST NOVEMBER 2019

You may submit more than one quote/text/image if you want but only one per artist will be chosen for final inclusion in the book.

We will select the best submissions and if you are successful then we will send you an online version of your double spread to show how your submission will look when printed in book form.

If it is necessary to make any minor editorial changes to your text this is where you can see those changes. We will not print any text that has been altered in any way without your prior approval.

Submission Fee

If you like your online version of your double spread and still want to be included in this publication then, at this stage and not before, you will be asked to pay £25 towards production costs. In return you will get a free copy of the published book, retail value £15.

To receive your free copy you will have to pay the standard, second class postage and packaging for the book.


You are free to interpret your chosen text in any way you feel appropriate. You can work in two or three dimensions and any medium of your choice. The choice is yours!

Image Requirements

The photographic image of your submission must be between 3 and 5 MB.

Images must be of your own, original work.

We cannot accept work in its original form. It is up to you to obtain the best photograph you can of your finished work; we cannot help you in this.


The actual size of the book is 210 mm. x 210 mm.

Landscape orientation is best for the book’s layout. The size of your double spread – to include quote and text on one page and image on the facing page – will be 420 mm. x 420 mm.

The book will be of high quality – full colour for all of the images, 350gsm silk cover and 150gsm silk inners.


Your image will have the work’s title, your name and medium beneath it in small print.


The copyright of each image will stay with you and there will be a warning at the back of the book that no image may be used or reproduced in any way without your written permission. The book’s format will be the copyright of Nicola Wild.

We may wish to use some images from this book for promotional purposes – but not without first obtaining your written permission.

Please feel free to pass on these details to other artists you know.

We look forward receiving your submission.

Send your quote/text/image submission to: