Artworks wanted for ‘100 years of OUI’ exhibition at Kimberly Clark

Artworks wanted for ‘100 years of OUI’ exhibition at Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark is a dispenser gallery situated in an undisclosed UK public toilet. Distributing high art on low quality paper hand towels to unexpected users, KC attempts to dismantle the institutional framework, forcing art into our everyday lives.

‘100 years of OUI’ invites artists to reflect and create innovative, original pieces that celebrate Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ 1917. Situated in a gent’s public toilet, Kimberly Clark provides a platform for dialogical exchanges, aiming to create unique viewer experiences.

All mediums welcome – submissions are required to be in JPEG format and sent via CuratorSpace.

Please note: KC will print your submitted artwork onto a paper towel; leaving its future in the hands of the public. As the longevity of these artworks cannot be predetermined, all printed submissions will be documented in situ and emailed to the artist. No art will be rejected!

What do I submit?

– JPEG file of the artwork you wish to have exhibited

– Information of artwork

– Artist Statement

Please note: by submitting works to this project you are giving permission for your work to be printed onto a paper towel, distributed, featured online and included in future publications.

Proposals for solo shows and group exhibitions are also welcome. Find out more online:—years-of-oui-at-kimberly-clark-uk/1167

DEADLINE: 1 May 2017