Arts residency – Climate Change in Residence: Future Scenarios

Deadline: Monday 15 February 2016. Paid.

We are seeking three artists to take part in Climate Change in Residence: Future Scenarios – a new form of arts residency, offering access to a network of climate change researchers across the UK.

Each residency includes an award of £10,000. We welcome applications from individuals and collectives from any artform to work on new creative projects engaging with scenarios of climate change. The closing date for applications is Monday 15 February, 5pm GMT.

This project, sets out to test the idea of ‘networked residencies’. Climate research has long relied on networked collaborations rather than individual, geographically-located centres. Through these residencies, you will be able to research the issue of climate and spend time exploring and developing your own artistic practice. In this way we hope you will introduce a new cultural depth to public conversations around future scenarios.

This work has been developed as part of the Culture and Climate Change programme of work which began in 2009 as a series of discussions, events, podcasts and publications organised by the Mediating Change group. The group is based in the Open University’s Open Space Research Centre, and is rooted in a partnership between the Open University Geography Department and the University of Sheffield School of Architecture. It is generously supported by Ashden Trust and Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

For more information and to apply visit