Artists – International lab for a major new commission, SICK! Festival

  • 30th March 2020
  • Part time
  • Paid (£15k-20k pro rata)
  • Steve Vickers


Wildwuchs & SICK!  Festival are seeking artists over the age of 60 who identify as women, and who have an interest in or were involved in radical social and cultural changes. We would like to hear from artists from any artistic discipline.

Basel Lab: 23th-25th April

We are looking for two UK-­‐based artists to take part in an Artists Research Lab in Basel Switzerland kicking off the Old Devils project. Participation in the lab is a paid opportunity. We are seeking artists from any art form, aged over 60 years who feel a particular affinity with radical movements now and in the past. The Lab will be an opportunity to talk and share ideas with artists and other individuals involved in radical social and cultural movements from the UK and Switzerland. Whilst participation in the Lab does not guarantee  involvement in the resulting commission, we do anticipate that the commissioned  works will emerge from some or all of the cohort of artist we bring together, working collectively or in new collaborations established during the Lab event.

Attending artists will receive a fee of £600.
Travel and accommodation costs will be covered.

If you are interested, please email to arrange an informal conversation by Monday  30th March.

For full information on the commission visit