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Artist Call- The Liverpool Nude 2nd Annual Exhibition

The Liverpool Nude

2nd Annual Exhibition

1st September – 30 September 2020

Dear artists,

We hope you’re all well.  We’re pleased to announce that despite the pandemic and lockdown the 2nd Annual Liverpool Nude exhibition is going ahead.  92 Degrees are re-opening and have invited us to exhibit for the month of September.  We do hope you’ll consider exhibiting with us.


The exhibition is a showcase for a number of life drawing groups from the Liverpool area.  We held the first show last year and are now making it an annual event.


We will be hanging the exhibition on Tuesday 1st September and the exhibition will be open to the public from Wednesday 2nd Sept to Wednesday 30th September


You are invited to submit up to TWO works per person with a charge of £5.00 per artwork.  Please complete the attached form (email for the form) and return it to your organiser by Friday 24th August.  It will be helpful to us if you could let us know if you decide not to exhibit this year.   The exhibition is intended to showcase the creative work happening in life classes around the region, therefore we ask that all work submitted has been completed, started or inspired by work you did in one of our life classes.

Framing and Labelling

Due to social distancing constraints there are restrictions on the time and space we have to organise the collection of the work, therefore we would ask you to ensure that your work is properly framed and labelled on the back.


There is a charge of 25% commission on any sales

Collection of unsold work

Please collect any unsold work in person from 92 degrees on Wed 30 September from 10.00 am – 12.00 noon

Appendix 1  Due to the lockdown situation most groups have not met and so we are uncertain how many artworks we are likely to receive; if it turns out that we are short of artworks we will invite participants to submit an additional piece – there will be no fee for a third piece.

Appendix 2  All works must be framed to a high standard and fitted with eyelets and string or wire as in the diagram below.

Please fill in the labels on the submission form and send it back to your organiser.  Please note that due to time, space and social distancing conditions we cannot accept any work which is not suitably framed and labelled.

Frames should be fitted with string or wire as in the diagram above.  Canvases do not need to be framed but it is advisable to paint the edges black or a single colour.


Thank you and best wishes from

Paul, Eve, John, George and Steve