Artist Call for King Edward Avenue, Leftcoast

Deadline: Friday 29 April 2016.

We are looking to commission an artist or artists to work on an exciting new creative festival being developed with the hotel owners and residents of King Edward Ave, North Shore, Blackpool. This is an opportunity to help the group creatively explore what a festival of wind related activity could look like.

What we are commissioning…

The group that are commissioning this work are looking to develop an annual festival that celebrates wind. The group are keen to transform the perceived negative of wind and the environment into a positive. They would like the festival to be a creative engagement tool, to connect with their neighbours, the larger Blackpool community, visitors staying in Blackpool and to celebrate the close community of this North Shore street.

We are interested to hear from artists across all art forms whose practice relates to wind. This could be as wide and varied as a visual piece that reacts to the change in wind, performance work that is powered by the weather, wind powered light installations or work that explores how the wind shapes the way we use our environment. We are keen to be as experimental as possible and to really explore how innovative a festival of wind could be.

The festival will take place over one weekend, potentially in Sept to tie in with the firework World Championships that take place on North Pier.

How to apply:

There are three ways that you can apply for this commission:

  • Lead Commission- one proposal that will use the entire budget
  • Part of the commission. If you have an idea for a smaller proposal, we will consider commissioning a series of artists to produce different works for the festival.
  • Existing work that could be loaned/ installed and made appropriate for this site.

The work should have a positive legacy. The group hopes to develop and grow the festival of wind as an annual event and this commission will act as a pilot for that.

Please send your applications to by the 29th April 2016.

A full brief can be found at