Artist for Beyond the War Memorials, Sefton Library & Information Service

Artist to work on the ‘Beyond the War Memorials’ project, Sefton Library & Information Service

Beyond the War Memorials – Commemorating the fallen soldiers of WW1 in Sefton

Graphic designer – £2600 + VAT – total fee including all travel costs and expenses

•            We are looking for a graphic designer who will work with up to 4 school groups, to create a suite of letters/postcards.

•            The designer will work with school children in year 6/7 to design the print, engaging them in the project and design concept

•            It is envisaged that this work will cover four days working with school groups, plus the research, concept, final design and printing.

•            The graphic designer will also be required to liaise with the website designer, to give a co-ordinated look and feel to the project.

As part of the project the letters will be sent out to the last residences of the fallen soldiers listed on Sefton’s Civic War Memorials, informing home owners that their house was once the home of a local hero.

•            The designer will have a proven track record of working with school groups on community projects

•            We are looking for an exciting concept that will be workable on a large scale

•            The graphic designer will work closely with the web designer, and researcher supporting overall design concept of the project.

Details of previous experience is required.

Closing Date: 12 noon, 06 Oct 2017

To request background information, make project enquiries and to submit your application please contact:

Lesley Davies – Senior Development Manager, Communities, Sefton Library Service, C/O Crosby Library Crosby Road North, Waterloo. L22 0LQ 0151 934 4920