Art Commissions for Lost Eden, Kendal Calling

Deadline: Friday 25 March 2016. Paid.

Art Commissions available for Lost Eden, Kendal Calling

For the second year running, the Arts Council England are supporting Kendal Calling by funding the return of their immersive woodland arts arena, Lost Eden. Peppered with stages, installations, performance encounters and other ephemera, Lost Eden is a nighttime feast of art and music. Funding is available for visual artists who wish to help transform the space.

The vision for Lost Eden is to explore the relationship (at times fraught and at others peaceful) between nature and the metropolis. While the realm of the natural is characterised by organic shape, fluid movement and a diversity of life, the human impulse has carved itself onto this canvas in new, mechanistic and dissonant ways. And yet, the journey of civilisation is also one of knowledge and enlightenment, as digital community and sustainable design seek to champion nature and rescue the remnants of earthly Eden.

Applicants are invited to interpret this brief and explore the above themes of Eden, nature and human intervention. By day, a journey to Lost Eden will escape the raucousness of the main arena, providing an ambient space to reconnect with nature. At night, the idyll will be transformed into a night-time bacchanal of light and sound. As an after-hours space, we encourage the use of light and projection as a key artistic medium for the commissions. If proposals are for static sculptures, please consider lighting the piece within your application.

Commission Levels:

Level 1: Lost Eden Small Grant
We invite proposals from artists for £500 – £1000 level awards

Level 2: Lost Eden Large Grant
We invite proposals from artists for £1000 – £4000 level awards

Apply here: