Animation Proposals Open, Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council are inviting proposal from interested parties to produce an animation and entertainment offer to Liverpool’s World UNESCO Heritage site of the Pier Head in the summer of 2017. It is hoped that this activity will create a tourism destination which will attract the people of Liverpool and beyond, allowing them to witness an incredible fusion of culture which will exceed public expectation and an increased footfall to the area.

Specifically the aims of this exercise:-

  • To provide a celebration of the City’s unique waterfront public realm
  • To further develop the reputation of Liverpool as a key cultural and visitor destination with a host of high quality cultural events
  • To deliver a high quality summer programme
  • To attract local, regional and national visitors to the City, especially staying visitors
  • To link the Albert Dock to the attractions on the Pier Head and in Cunard Building
  • To create a standalone visitor destination during the summer months which amplifies the waterfront

The Contracts will be for a period of one year plus an additional one year extension option at the sole discretion of the Council.

Please download the full Application and supporting documents from Procontract. Your company will need to register on Procontract (Due North) to be able to receive the opportunity.

The documents will only be available on Procontract (available via the Due North site). Once you have registered you will need to go to the “my opportunities” section on the home page of Procontract and follow the instructions as a supplier to enable you to return your submission.

To register your organisation on Procontract click on the following link, go to suppliers’ area and click on “register free”.

Closing date for submissions _7th December 201612 Noon