11 artists to make an artists’ intervention, counterpart Lytham

Deadline: Thursday 19 May 2016.

Counterpart is an artist led project featuring 11 site specific, temporary art interventions in Lytham from 20 July to 14 August.

The meaning of each intervention will be enhanced by its location. The work could be indoors or outdoors and might reference the town’s history, geography, past/present residents or something else. It might also reference music as a counterpoint to Lytham Festival. An intervention could be a new piece of work or something already made. Where appropriate, work will be returned to the artist at the end of the project.

Fee £750 + £70 delivery/postage costs

Counterpart is also a training project & five intervention artists will each receive an additional £150 for working with an early career artist.

for more information please visit www.counterpart-lytham.blogspot.co.uk.

deadline for proposals 19 May 2016