bc_june2013_fb_40020 October


£5.00 & £3.00 concessions

The Ship & Mitre, 133 Dale Street, Liverpool, L3 2JH

0151 236 0859


/*Algoryhthms_n_Drums*/  & Eric Wilson

A rare performance by legend Eric Wilson plus “A drummer & drumkit, a pianist & Hohner Clavier, a programmer and a computer: Six agents acting together (or in opposition) to explore liveness and (in)determinacy in a ritual music session”.

Jonas Hummel and Mike Walsh are musicians, artists and researchers with an interest in improvisation, culture and technology. Found objects and recycled old technology play part of their performance as well as musical elements like rhythms from Cuban rumba to Berlin minimal techno to African Congotronics.

Jonas is currently researching on collaboration and liveness in computer music as a phd student at MMU where he met Mike in his second year of music.

They are joined for a first time by Adam Fairhall, acclaimed jazz pianist and founder of the Imaginary Delta Project as well as member of the new Markov Chain Trio with Tim Fairhall (bs) and Paul Hession (dr).

These sessions are about deep exploration of micro-rhythms, the relationships between the electronic and the acoustic sound and the struggle of human vs. machine control.

Enjoy a night of improvised music.

Mike Walsh, drums
Adam Fairhall, keys
Jonas Hummel, electronics

There will also be a set by Eric Wilson: