Blackburne House, Main Hall until Nov 29th.
Often as I go round galleries, especially the Tate & Walker there are groups of students, often sitting on the floor, drawing sketches of the art, the gallery or the local scenes. I always thought it would be nice to see the finished products and yesterday I did.
I’d been confused by both the title and the description of this. I thought it was a live drawing class which was only taking place on Wednesdays. I suppose it was originally but this is an exhibition of the results of the 2nd Year Illustration students’ drawings which record exhibits and events of the Biennial. These aren’t just sketches though, there’s watercolours, acrylics, prints, even needlework and they’re all well presented and available for sale.
To visit you need to check that the hall is open to the public, call 709 4356. This Saturday might be a good time to visit as the Liverpool Vegan Festival will be there, I’ll be popping in for another look at the artwork whilst munching on a beansprout sandwich or similar.