gallery16 September – 19 November 2013
The exhibitions are in the gallery in the visitor centre here in Birkenhead Park.
The gallery is open 7 days a week 9.00 to 16.30

16th to 28th September Birkenhead High School Academy – A level artwork including giant Jubilee Queen.

CONTACT – Nicola Matthews 0151 479 5627 email:


29th September to 19th October Birkenhead Photographic Association – Images Near and Far.


1st November to 9th November Western Front Association – Remembering the Great War

CONTACT – Peter Threlfall 0151 651 2091 email:


10th to 16th November Russell Davidson photographic display

CONTACT – Russel Davidson 0151 637 1975 or 07595218524 website:

Birkenhead Park Visitor Centre, Park Drive, Birkenhead, CH41 4HY