Weekend Guide 6-7 November

6 – 7 November:

Spray Paint Graphic Wolves on your Stuff
– Like Carlos Amorales’s graphic wolves? Want one on your shirt/bag/skateboard/anything? Come to the Visitor Centre on Saturday and Sunday between noon and 4pm to stencil whatever you want for £2. We’ll provide fabric safe spray paint (red, black, and white) and the stencils. All you have to bring in is whatever you want a wolf head on! Questions – email mary@biennial.com

Screenings of Karl-Heinz Klopf’s new film – They
They concerns a municipal area in North Liverpool, where an unused hilly park replaces what was once an active neighbourhood.  The neighbourhoods around the park fight for the solidarity of their remaining communities, searching for a new identity and better living conditions.  Karl-Heinz Klopf addresses these issues but also proposes another way of seeing, drawing us intently into teh landscape and its incidents.  They will be shown throughout Liverpool Biennial from 18 September – 28 November in <CityStates> at the Contemporary Urban Centre cinema.  Saturdays 12 noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm.  Sundays 12 noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm

Art Mediator Tours | Sophie Bower
– Recognise and capture the fleeting thoughts or memories that pop into our heads. Sophie asks participants to note down and discuss the thoughts that come to mind throughout the tour. Participants have mentioned how tricky it is to ‘catch the fleeting’. As the Festival develops, she is compiling these thoughts on a large hand-drawn floor plan, located on a wall in the Visitors Centre. Come back and see your anonymous thoughts up there amongst all the others!  Click here to book your place

7 November:

EarlySundays Tour with Amanprit Sandhu – Amanprit Sandhu, curatorial assistant at Liverpool Biennial, leads a public realm and exhibition tour revealing her personal perspective on the Biennial theme Touched. This free tour has a maximum of 15 places – click here to book your tickets