DJs, Philosophy, DaDa, and More!

The Marx Lounge in Conversation – Alfredo Jaar with Chantal Mouffe and Mark Sealy

12 November, 18.30, Visitor Centre.  For FREE tickets, email

As part of The Marx Lounge, Alfredo Jaar engages speakers from the world of political theory and art to think about the ongoing significance of Marx in their work and in the world.

Chantal Mouffe is Professor of Political Theory at the University of Westminster. Author of many books, she is currently elaborating a non-rationalist approach to political theory; formulating an ‘agonistic’ model of democracy; and engaged in research projects on the rise of right-wing populism in Europe and the place of Europe in a multipolar world order.

Mark Sealy has a special interest in photography and its relationship to social change, identity politics and human rights. In his role as director of Autograph ABP he has initiated the production of well over 40 publications, produced exhibitions worldwide, residency projects and commissioned photographers globally.

Touched Talk with Simon Critchley – Fireflies

17 November at 18:30 in the Visitor Centre. Book FREE tickets

Is anger the first political emotion? In Infinitely Demanding (2007), the philosopher Simon Critchley identifies a massive political disappointment at the heart of liberal democracy and argues for an ethics of commitment that can inform a radical politics. In this Touched Talk, titled Fireflies, Critchley discusses the infinite demands of art and his growing interests in collaborative practices in relation to art and politics.  Simon Critchley is chair of the Department of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research. His recent books include The Book of Dead Philosophers (2009) and On Heidegger’s Being and Time (2008).

The Dark Behind My Eyelids as part of DaDaFest

27 November, 9.30 – 17.30: The Dark Behind My Eyelids To book, email

A conference in collaboration between Liverpool Biennial and DadaFest. The conference aims to rethink the relation between art, thinking and normalcy. What are our assumptions when we distinguish between thought and feeling, body and brain, identity and difference? How is (dis)ability marked by these assumptions and who’s interests are served by them in the space of art?

The 10th edition of DaDaFest, the UK’s largest Disability and Deaf Arts festival, is here! DaDaFest International 2010 will present art from a unique cultural perspective, challenging and entertaining audiences with the theme Objects of Curiosity and Desire.

Dont Forget!

Last Chance to See Bloomberg New Contemporaries

Bloomberg New Contemporaries closes on Sunday 14 November.  This is your last chance to see the work of 49 artists across a range of media, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to engage with new and emergent practice and ideas from across the UK.

Spinning Tracks for the Long Night

You’re certain to be already excited about this year’s Long Night Lineup. 18 November will be packed with adventures to be had, and Liverpool Biennial’s Public Realm sites (i.e. non-gallery sites) will be open late until 9pm for your viewing pleasure. From 6pm to 9pm in the Visitor Centre, we will be hosting a variety of DJs who will respond to the Touched theme while you stroll around 52 Renshaw Street’s exhibits, which will be open until 10pm. Dig out the torches – it’s going to be a great night!

Philosophy Meets Art – Book Your Place!

Victoria Galleries and Museum – 9.30–17.00

A one-day conference organised by the University of Liverpool’s Philosophy Department and Liverpool Biennial. The conference asks questions like are we touched by Art? How do works of art transform the way we understand and form our identities? And indeed, do art festivals such as the Biennial prompt personal, cultural, and social change?  For more info on how to book, click here.

Featured Events

10 November:

Allan Kaprow’s Happenings –  This week’s performance led by Carlos Martiel. Every Wednesday (4-6pm), students from Cátedra Arte de Conducta reinvent Allan Kaprow’s Happenings.  For up-to-date info, join the Facebook group

Liverpool Live Event – Minton/Nicols/Boyland – Three of the UK’s most electrifying improvising vocalists enter a world of soaring wails, hysterical jabbers and sublime drones, expoloring the emotive potential of the human voice.

11 November:

Liverpool Film Night – Selected in response to Touched, FACT will be showcasing the latest and greatest local films. Click for more details about films rated 15 and films rated 12A

12 November:

Liverpool Live Event – Keith Hennessy – Crotch – A searing and uncompromising solo by Keith Hennessy – international performer, choreographer, sex-positive mentor, and master of ceremonies. His award-winning work draws on live art, circus, improvisation, activism and shamanism.

12 – 13 November:

Super Gimp – This new play that deals with issues of mortality and eternity with dark humour and great truth.

Blackbird, Pics and Artificial Grass – Expect in this performance a colourful and unusual blend of live, installed and participatory pieces, themed around the extensions of our physical and social bodies.

13 November:

Art Mediator Tours | Sam Jones – Sam Jones is a Liverpool-based artist focusing on public art and digital works as well as a lecturer at institutions such as LJMU and Leeds College College of Art. Her tour will be of works that speak to her. Book FREE tickets.

14 November:

EarlySundays Tour with Chris Ball – Drama and education specialist Chris Ball will engage you in an experiential tour of the Touched exhibition.  Book FREE tickets.

Art Mediator Tours | Hannah Pierce – Hannah’s Re:thinking Trade tour considers commissions in 52 Renshaw Street that explore alternative notions of exchange and negotiate the role of the artwork and audience, playfully applying these techniques to a traditional guided tour and discussion.  Book FREE tickets

Citizen Journalism Workshops – FREE – booking essential. For parents with children between ages 5 and 12.  Can art touch a city? Have your say! During the Biennial, FACT is running workshops for wannabe reporters of all ages. Families will learn the skills to become citizen journalists and then go out into the city to explore, evaluate and report on the festival.

Enjoy Liverpool Biennial 2010 until 28 November