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Inside The Naked Corner

Highlighted Events

Single or in a Group, See Art That Speaks to You

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Inside The Naked Corner

“The reactions were mixed: children pointing; middle-aged Germans who read the slogan and took it all very seriously; families who thought it all a laugh; or families where the father looked back for a little too long…; some people smiled, and some ignored the whole thing; a woman stopped her car, took a photo and shouted “you’ve made my day”; a war veteran gave me a thumbs-up; a group of teenagers, stood and studied, but declined the invitation to take part; girls headed into town for a drink; lads heading home with their shopping.” Read Sean’s full blog.

“I spent three hours walking around in my underwear without hearing a single complaint. I got photographed, thumbs upped and altogether respected and congratulated for my behaviour, (and only slightly mocked) but no complaints, a refreshing change… it’s all thanks to Daniel Knorr and his Naked Corner, a new piece commissioned for the Liverpool Biennial. If you too want the freedom to just wear underwear (and an advertising slogan) in a shop window just drop in to the old Rapid building and volunteer, it’s a great experience.”  Read Doug’s full blog.

If you are intrigued by these stories and would like know more about The Naked Corner, click here.  If you would like to volunteer to be a model (please note that models are not naked and will wear underwear), email If you are interested for being a volunteer for the Festival in general, click here.

Highlighted Events

22 October:

Liverpool Live Event – Nightmare Before Valentine – This performance, the breathtaking Früchte Im Koma, marks the UK debut for this astonishing Berlin-based dance company. Featuring exquisite choreography, bold visuals and a soulful soundtrack boasting Tom Waits and Ane Brun, this is inexorably moving and intense dance created for three women, three stuffed animals and a wall.

23 October:

Drawing with Sound, the Big Draw at Tate Liverpool – Ever wondered what music would look like if it were a drawing? Families are invited to drop in to Tate Liverpool’s exciting Big Draw activities during half-term and experiment in drawing with sound, inspired by the Liverpool Biennial exhibition.

23 – 24 October:

Spray Paint Graphic Wolves on your Stuff – FREE DURING THE BIG DRAW WEEKEND – Like Carlos Amorales’s graphic wolves? Want one on your shirt/bag/skateboard/anything? Come to the Visitor Centre Saturday and Sunday between noon and 4pm to stencil whatever you want for FREE. We’ll provide fabric safe spray paint (red, black, and white) and the stencils. All you have to bring in is whatever you want a wolf head on! Any questions – email

27 October:

Touched Talk – AbdouMaliq Simone – Making an Urban Majority – Described as “a quintessential urbanist for the 21st century

Single or in a group, see art that speaks to you

Attending the Liverpool Biennial Festival is the perfect way to get you and your group of co-workers, students, friends, family, football club, community centre, etc. out of the usual routine. Make an afternoon out of it by attending our FREE lunchtime tour starting at the Visitor Centre . If you or your group has a particular focus, we can suggest a work that will spark discussion and debate. For instance, any office worker could take to heart Sachiko Abe’s version of paper pushing in Cut Papers .  Download our suggested tours to get you started.

Curator, Artist-led, and Custom Tours

23 October:

Art Mediator Tours | Hannah Pierce – Hannah Pierce is a Liverpool based artist whose work focuses primarily on the establishing and developing of dialogue and exchange between temporary communities. The Re:Thinking Trade tour considers commissions in 52 Renshaw Street that explore alternative notions of exchange and negotiate the role of the artwork and audience, playfully applying these techniques to a traditional guided tour and discussion. Book here.

24 October:

Art Mediator Tours | Sophie Bower – Recognise and capture the fleeting thoughts or memories that pop into our heads. Sophie asks participants to note down and discuss the thoughts that come to mind throughout the tour. Participants have mentioned how tricky it is to ‘catch the fleeting’. As the Festival develops, she is compiling these thoughts on a large hand-drawn floor plan, located on a wall in the Visitors Centre. Come back and see your anonymous thoughts up there amongst all the others! Book tickets.

We also offer custom tours for groups of up to 20 people, which cost £45 – as little as £2.25 per person. Email for more information. If you do not want to book a custom tour, but want suggestions about what you and your group should see depending on your interests, email

Enjoy Liverpool Biennial 2010 until 28 November