At the gallery above St Petersburg Russian restaurant in York St. I was here a couple of weeks ago for the exhibition by the Georgian artist Mikhail Makharadze now I’m back for this solo show ‘Rhythms’ by Nicole Bartos, originally from Romania. She’s been very busy promoting eastern European art with the
Under Blue Sky
exhibition at Blackburne House and the Art Seminar there next Thurs/Fri.

This picture is just a detail from a larger piece, you should be able to see its wet-on-wet work which requires the artist to work quite quickly and rhythmically and also suggests rhythms of light and water, hence the title of the exhibition. There are a few pieces in a similar style and others with much larger splashes of colour. Also some 3D works involving wood, nails and other mixed media.
Curator Kate Dadiani kept me amused with her efforts to get the hi-fi to play the right blend of eastern-euro music. Good old Tchaikovsky – very quiet, very loud, very quiet, very loud! (only kidding Kate)