As promised, I made a

As promised, I made a second attempt at watching Francesco Jodice’s film about UFO sightings in the Mersey Valley at Open Eye. I came in near the end, there’s an old geezer ‘singing’ and playing the spoons (rather well) in the FACT bar. So then the film restarts and a woman starts prattling on about cake decorating and her collection of porcelain pigs. I couldn’t take any more, sorry.
To be fair, the film is not intended to be just about the UFOs but also about “pathways into the everyday lives of ordinary people”. But thats the problem for me, its purely personal taste of course, I’m not decrying them but I really dislike films about the everyday lives of ordinary spoon-playing, cake decorating, ornament collecting, karaoke singing, line dancing, bingo playing, UFO spotting, even web blogging people.
So I went to the Bluu Bar to see the “Live Artist in residence” but he isn’t resident at all, in fact, he pulled out. Apparently Tony is on the case so let us know, Tony, if there’s any news. Nice bar, first time I’ve been there.
Next I went over to 44 Duke St, The Darkroom Gallery, open daily 16.00-20.00, it was 16.30 and it was very unopen. Ah well, there’s bound to be a few non-happenings, you know what artists are like but not a very successful afternoon. Still, I would normally be in front of the TV watching people discuss the football scores. I think there’s a video of me spending Saturday afternoons watching the football scores showing at a gallery somewhere.