Yeomans, Geoff

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Geoff Yeomans



NDD Birkenhead; ATD Liverpool; DAE Birmingham




Da Vinci suggests we look for unique compisitions on stained walls. Paul Nash refers to, as yet, unseen landscapes.

My stained walls are the details of rusting ships and debris on the coast. Still life paintings that can mutate to images I have never seen but somehow recognise.

Manpulating a simple motif with roller, rag and knife allows the paint to roam and run until resoluton; the material leads, the painter follows.

Between the weeds of observation and the rocks of depiction are divine and devilish notions lying in wait. The spirit of our time emerges like a wreck at low tide.


  Exhibitions – Solo –

1970 Compendium, Birm. & Belgrade Theatre Cov.
80 Williamson, B’head.
81 Balliol College, Oxford
89 Camden Arts Centre Lon. & the Williamson.
90 Eagle Works Birm.
91 Cannon Hill, Birm. & The Herbert Art Gal, Cov.
95 Tamworth Arts.
99 The Williamson.
2001 Y Tabernacl, Machynlleth. & The Atkinson, Southport.
04 The Williamson. B’head.
05 Ceri Richards Gal. Swansea University.

2006 Tenby Mus. Art Gal. and Conwy, Royal Cambrian Academy.

Open –
Liverpool academy; Northern Young Artists; RA; Tolly Cobbold; John Moores; Sainsburys for Today; Midland View; East, East & South; Liverpool Visionfest; Dostoevski Museum St. Petersburg; RPS & RSMA Mall Gal. London. and many more.


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‘Eclipse’ oil on canvas 40″ x 28″
‘Sunset’ oil on canvas
‘Lan Wood Mist’ oil on canvas
‘Swamped’ oil on canvas
‘Landscape with two Suns’ oil on canvas
‘Corroded Landscape’ oil on canvas