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Neil Winterburn


B.A. (Hon’s) 2:1 1999 Fine Art Liverpool John Moores University
Connect Training 2000 Multimedia Liverpool University

2000-2002 Drawlab Artists bursary St Helens College

Digital/media art


  I’m a media artist and my practice investigates problems of modern philosophy of the mind in a postmodern social setting.
Having written that admittedly quite wanky sentence it’s important to admit that I’m a long way from being an academic and get most of my ideas from misinterpreting Ôbeginners guides to…’ type books on various philosophers and snippets of Bertram Russell’s ÔHistory of Western Philosophy’ which my mate found amongst other things in a suitcase mysteriously left behind by the previous occupants of his flat…

Flunstellas are a psychic/paranormal phenomenon that I made up.
Each Flunstella is a network of an individuals language/thoughts that appears to float through a social space. Flunstellas are often seen interpolating together as they,,,,
Sorry, I’m getting carried away there they’re not really real, its just a way of putting a lot of serious creative investigations of inter subjectivity into, what I hope is a more simple & fun narrative.
I have developed the Flunstellas idea further by creating the Flunstellas Organisation, which I pretend was founded in 2003 to support research into the Flunstellas phenomenon.
I distribute Flunstellas projects online via the web site.

My artistic practice over the past five years has been centred around working with groups of people to try & create representations of what Flunstellas would look like if they really did exist.
These have taken the forms of installations/interventions in real physical spaces using a variety of materials, which have been turned into interactive digital projects & collaborative projects based in digital space.
These have been distributed as CD-Roms or as downloads available from



Two new Flunstellas projects will be launched in March 2007.

‘Boxroom’ was a collaborative miniature installation, created by 5 members of Sola Arts & myself within a
model diorama of a living room.’Boxroom’ was initially exhibited at the National portrait gallery last year &
has been transformed into an immersive interactive project which will be available to download in march.

‘PPPAAAARRRRTTTTYYY!!!’ will enable myself & two anonymous collaborators to each create an interactive,
audio/visual manifestation of our private thoughts, fears & memories. These will be projected digitally into a
traditional party scene.

‘PPPAAAARRRRTTTTYYY!!!’ & ‘Boxroom’ will be distributed from from march ’07.
Launch events for, & exhibitions of these works will be confirmed nearer the time.


  Exhibitions & Distribution

Left Right of Centre Static Gallery, Liverpool Nov 1999

Earlier Ideas cd-rom * Dec 2000

TweePrototype cd-rom * Sept 2002

Drawlab World of Glass Gallery, St Helens Sept 2002

Cocktail sticks cd-rom * June 2003

Bluescreen cd-rom * Sept 2003

Flunstellas cd- rom *, Sept 2004
(2000 distributed with NERVE magazine)

3D_AZ cd-rom * Dec 2004

Why don’t you? cd-rom * Jun 2005

Look at Me National Portrait Gallery Sept 2005 web site launch Nov 2006

Ping_pong YouTube Dec 2006

*Unless otherwise stated cd-roms distributed in shops & Galleries around merseyside such as
News From Nowhere (bookshop), Probe (Record shop), JumpShip Rat (Arts centre/Exhibition space),
or via peer to peer networks.

all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated
‘blue screen’ – screenshot of downloadable interactive digital project
‘boxroom’ – screenshot of downloadable interactive digital project
‘flun webflyer’ flyer
‘flun with nerve’ – screenshot of downloadable interactive digital project
‘pppaaarrrtttyyy’ – screenshot of downloadable interactive digital project
‘twee prototype’ – screenshot of downloadable interactive digital project