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Williams, Wendy

imageWendy Williams
Photography / Painting / Various




Wendy Williams


BA Hons Degree Fine Art

Photography, painting and various



My recent work is about climate change, and the effects of it on the environment.
I have been strongly influenced by news items of storm damage caused by recent hurricanes over the Atlantic.

The paintings often display a split screen effect which gives the opportunity to explore two sides of a scene. I use an image of trees in the work, as it simplifies the notion of nature.

This side of work is often painted in softer tones, whereas the second screen with its hard marble like quality would represent environmental effects.

I am a member of SOUP, a group of artists who all have some connection to Tate Liverpool, and have been exhibiting my work with the group for the last seven years at various venues. I am also a member of Red Dot artists.

I have exhibited with both groups throughout the North West, and have had individual shows in Europe and USA.



I am a member of SOUP, and have been exhibiting my work with the group for the last seven years at various venues.
Recent exhibitions with the group are:
2008 New Bright Art, New Brighton ( Feb)
Gallery RedBill, Flint ( March)
2006 Cube Noir, Liverpool ( With Staff from The Walker)
Earlier shows with the group include:
Senate House Liverpool Uni. Tate Liverpool, Liver Buildings, Maritime museum and the Hanover Gallery



Individually, My exhibitions include:
2008 Wirral Spring Exhibition. Williamson Art Gallery.
2002 2 Women. The Artists Gallery. Willesden. North London.
Mall Gallery. Gronigan. Germany
Solo Show. Ktisis. Liverpool.
1998 A T Hun Gallery Savannah. USA
North West Women Artists. Salford Art Gallery. Manchester.
Have also periodically shown my work In the Wirral Spring exhibition, Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead.
Sefton Open. Atkinson Art Gallery. Southport.
Open Exhibition. Stockport Art Gallery.
Workshops and Residencies
Grand Theatre Wolverhampton
The Citadel. St. Helens
Work in Public Collections
Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Atkinson Art Gallery. Southport.
A T Hun Gallery. Savannah. USA
Alvida Gallery.USA

all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated





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