Williams, Nick

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Nick Williams



BA Hons Fine Art Hull School of Art



  The painting of Nick Williams comes out of a deep-seated desire for escape.
Art quotations and others signs are combined with painterly improvisation resulting in abstract worlds and objects. A state between the geometric and organic is sought while taking no subject for a model.
The thinking is that taking the Impressionists’ painting technique and removing the subject arrives at an abstract background and an emptied out discourse. The improvised forms are then built up in reaction forming a certain sense of depth and a hybridised environment.
The preconceptions of interpreting a representational image are bypassed and the escape from the technological permanent present is achieved (though referenced as un-tuned TV fuzz).
  Currently working out of the Bluecoat Studio’s.
Nick’s painting ‘Coeternal Pilgrimage’ was selected as Highly Commended in the National Open Art Competition 2008.
  ‘Sale’ The Royal Standard, Liverpool 2009
‘The National Open Art Competition’ Chichester (touring The Arts Club,
 London and Pallant House, Chichester) 2008
‘Profilo Darte’ Milan (touring Torino, Brescia, Reggio Emilia, Ferrara, Rome)    
‘North By Northwest’ Tate Liverpool and Red Wire, Liverpool Biennial 2008
‘The Lost Soul & Stranger Service Station’ The Bluecoat 2008        
‘Up and Coming’ Aghafar Gallery, Novas, Liverpool 2008   
‘Sacha & Nick at the Bluecoat’ Bluecoat Studios, Liverpool 2008
‘Soup at Redbill’ Redbill Gallery, Shotton 2008
‘Celeste Art Prize’ Old Truman Brewery, London (touring Lyon & Turnbull Auction House, Edinburgh) 2007
‘Art in a Building’ Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool 2007
‘Wolstenholme Relocated’ The Art Organisation, Nottingham 2007
‘Selected Solo Artists’ Arena Art Association, Liverpool Biennial 2006
‘AA2A’ Artists Access to Artschool, Hull 2004
‘The Joy of Art’ Hull School of Art and Design 2003
‘Level’ Hammonds Warehouse, Hull 2003

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 2nd order hybrid (drone)  Drone
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falling spider   garden fence and mistake
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 hornungs  super new rave pop splat