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Painting, Printmaking, Installation


Lisa Who




Painting, Printmaking, Installation



“Female sensuality, form and energy are central to my work. The subject matter and material used within my work have developed from my interest in found materials, textiles, objects and printed matter that relate to the social and domestic interior of woman. The surface is no longer the silent partner within the work; it brings its own history and traces of human emotion and touch to the composition.

I work closely with the life model, experimenting with unusual spaces, live performance and objects to create a fresh representation of the female form.

Work can take the form of painting, printmaking, sculptural textiles or installation arrangements often inspired by the materials themselves.

My work will be exhibited at various venues throughout Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year including the Liverpool Biennial.”



Selected Exhibitions:                                                  

2007 Solo
Feminin Arranger                                                
Curve Gallery – Liverpool, UK                                                      

Curator: Wayne Heaton                                               


2007 Group
Exposed Surfaces
Out of the Bluecoat – Liverpool, UK                                              

Curators: Roz Vallejo & Jack Welsh           `                                  


2006 Performance collaboration – LIFDI                                       
Lisa Who & Me

Live Performance of movement & drawing

Written & Performed by Lisa Who & Emily Grainger          
For Liverpool International Dance Improvisation
Unity Theatre – Liverpool, UK


2004 Group

Rouge Beaujolais
Lounge Art – Paris, France
Curators: Sophie Oudin & Benedict Lesieur                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

2004 Group

Souvenirs Vacances
Lounge Art – Paris, France
Curators: Sophie Oudin & Benedict Lesiur


2001 Solo

Urban Observations
Red Gallery – Southport, Australia
Curator: Donny Smith


2001 Group

Boudoir Series
Field of Dreams – Broadbeach, Australia
Curator: Archie Graham


2000 Group

The Model Muse
Sylvester’s Gallery – Chevron, Australia
Curator: Suzie Lucas


2000 Group

The Virgin Artists
Field of Dreams – Broadbeach, Australia
Curators: Archie Graham & Lou Meineke

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 ‘Female Arrangement’  ‘Female Frieze’
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 ‘Feminine Shapes’  ‘French Torso’
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 ‘Holding On’  ‘Pile of Jesus’