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Chris Vine



Painting, Illustration



Chris is currently producing a series of paintings for the Artworks Collection. These images are copyright Art Works Liverpool.

The Liverpool Carousel stands on Pier Head. The image was painted to celebrate Liverpool ’s past present and future. The galloping horses have been replaced by children’s rides based on Liverpool ’s maritime, rail and cultural icons.

The Trojan Lamb Banana of Liverpool
The Trojan Lamb Banana has been wheeled into the City of Liverpool and placed on St. George’s ‘Greek Plateau’.  Like the Trojan Horse it stands and waits.
In the dead of night the clocks of the Liver Building are twinkling and the people of Liverpool are fast asleep.  All of a sudden a yellow door on the side of the Lamb Banana opens; a red ladder is pushed out and a bunch of scaled-down copies of itself are released among the Corinthian and Ionic columns of the Walker Gallery and St. George’s Hall.



Prints available through the Artworks Print Club website (above)


  Currently on show at 3345 Parr Street, Liverpoool April 2006

all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated
‘Liners’ – limited edition giclee print
‘Meccano Liver Bird’ – limited edition giclee print
‘Liverpool Carousel’ – limited edition giclee print
‘Trojan Lamb Banana’ – limited edition giclee print