Tudor, Brychan

image 100Brychan Tudor
Sculptor/Installation Artist


Brychan Tudor




MA Fine Art (Merit), Wimbledon School of Art, Sep 2005 – Sep 2006.  MA Course Representative.

BA (Hons) Fine Art (2:1), Art and Design Foundation Diploma (Merit), University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, Sep 2001 – July 2005



Sculptor/Installation Artist



My work is created as a reaction to an experience of a particular environment.

Our sense of self and our ability to perceive space are defined by our experiences.  Through our experience of space we are able to project and construct space within our imaginations. The installations that I create attempt to highlight, define and redefine spatial notions, which are specific to the site and to my experience of space.  These spatial alterations create constructed environments, which the viewer is invited to physically explore.  This ‘encounter’ provides me with the most vital part of my practice.  The viewer is presented with a series of choices.  Their interaction and navigation through this constructed environment completes the work.  Their experience will be defined by their own understanding of space.

The installation process is durational and organic, which helps to entwine the work with its surroundings.  This intense process follows sets of rules allowing the piece to evolve on-site, making it inextricable from its environment.  I use an amalgamation of projected light and three-dimensional forms to create a form of spatial layering, which explores the relationship between ‘real’ and ‘illusionary’ space.  Through composed repetition, the projections help to open a dialogue between my three-dimensional constructions and the spatial notions that they articulate.

Through this process, the viewer is asked to question the architectural and spatial notions of a specific environment in a way that might not otherwise occur to them.  The way that they interpret, perceive and experience the space will change.      

This transformation of real into imaginary continues the process of repetition, distortion and redefinition that is fundamental to my practice.  It is my intention to explore the connection between sight, imagination and the importance of our bodies’ experience in constructing our perception of space. 

The finished work becomes a proposition, a suggestion, a three-dimensional drawing in ‘real’ space.  


November 2007 – Sabatha University, Libya.

August 2007 – Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool.

February 2007 – Stroud House Gallery, Stroud.

September 2006 – MA Degree Show, Wimbledon School of Art.

June 2006 – Mashed Potato Gallery, Stretford, London.

May 2006 – Delhi Exhibition Centre, Delhi, India.

March 2006 – Trinity Buoy Wharf, East India Dock, London.

December 2005 – Centre For Drawing, Wimbledon, London.

June 2005 – BA Degree Show, UWIC, Cardiff.

December 2004 – UWIC, Cardiff.

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an experiment into the experience of three-dimensionality’   ‘Dark Tension’
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‘Essence’ ‘Essence’ 
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‘The Nature of Place, The Specifics of Space’   ‘The Nature of Place, The Specifics of Space’ detail