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Treanor, Michael

imageMichael Treanor
Watercolour Painting


Michael Treanor


Watercolour painting

Michael Treanor is a self taught watercolour artist who has devoted countless hours trying to create mood and atmosphere in his work. He explores the infinite possibilities available to the artist working in the medium of watercolour. Inspired to achieve light, transparency movement and fluidity in his work, Michael has developed his own distinctive style from experimentation and a personal desire to represent landscapes in a subtle and dramatic way. The qualities he most admires in watercolour painting are freshness and spontaneity and he endeavours to achieve this in all his work. Most recently Michael has developed his work into pastels and oils.

Michael enjoys representing the street life of world cities, inparticular his home town of Liverpool capturing the less recognised city scenes, such as back streets and café bars. The coastal stretch from Crosby to Formby constantly challenges his atmospheric watercolour skills.

Michael now regularly visits the Provence area of france, returning to Flayosc inparticular, where he continues to represent local scenes, the villages in the hills and the coastal harbours. His watercolours are on display throughout the year at the EDC gallery in Flayosc.


Michael has completed a number of commissions, both local and throughout Europe. This has included commissions of Private properties, villages or landscapes. He completes this work with the passion required following several visits or through photographic evidence and numerous conversations with the person who commissioned the artwork. Please contact the artist to discuss any proposed commissions.

The People’s Centre, Liverpool. Feb – Apr 2008

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image 1
Street Reflections, Liverpool Dale St Liverpool
image 3

image 4

Hope St Liverpool Iron Men, Crosby

image 5


Liverpool Waterfront Red Sails, Liverpool
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