Trappe, Sarah Leanne

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Sarah Leanne Trappe




BTEC foundation studies art and design: distinction. one and a half years of BA (hons) fine art studied at Northumbria University.




I adore the work of many ‘romantics’ and take influence from them along with the work of artists from varying genres however, Rothko, Pollock, the above mentioned ‘contemporary’ artists, Kahlo and a huge list of film creators, writers, musicians, photographers. So yes I take areas of romanticism but I won’t bind myself entirely to it.

I often use modern media such as film and photography to capture images for my work, something not used in the 18th century.

I am a female artist, something again not prominent in the 18th century, it indeed was a movement generally dominated by male artists. The images I create are from today’s society, they may often be outcasts, but they are still people of today. So my work is not entirely stuck in past centuries and I don’t appreciate the idea that it’s completely ‘old-fashioned’. I simply take things I believe to be of relevance to me and today’s world. The fact that I feel the need to look to the past, along with an increasing number of others, suggests that there is a lot missing from society and the art world now that perhaps used to exist more prominently and therefore needs emphasising and reviving.

I personally shall go on being honest to myself in the work that I create, even if it appears simple or ‘romantic’ at times. Hopefully my work will be relevant to some, if not many. I will take what I wish from the world around me and the comments offered to me. I won’t be dragged into echoing the brain-washed society that is currently my worst enemy.

I believe it used to be called ‘creative freedom’.


all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated
‘The Poet 2’ – 12″x12″ – oil on canvas
‘Ambivalence’ – 4′ x 3′ – oil on canvas
‘Automatism’ – 5′ x 4′ – oil on canvas
‘Melancholy’ – 5′ x5′ – oil on canvas
‘Escape? – 4′ x4’ – oil on canvas
‘The Poet’ -12″ x 12″ – oil on canvas