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Trainer, Maxine

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Maxine Trainer



Paintings and Mixed Media

Graduated John Moores University June 2004



My fascination with surface area, texture, colour and space are dominant within my work. The most intentional of non objective works depict, to some perceptions, concrete images from the imagination.The challenge of splitting the images into fields of saturated colour one above the other refer to the landscape.

My choice of colour can also contradict the references to the landscape which can give a non referential reading of the work. The figurative elements, buildings, trees people, this affords me the opportunity to play with blocks lines and colour. I want the geometry to allude to the everyday world of the three dimensions, the bold saturation of colour and flatness can also push the the works into a semi-abstract figuration.

Whatever the viewer may experience is entirely up to the individual whether the work is read on the most simplistic level or on an intellectual plane is entirely in keeping with the execution of the work.

Won the Swiss Life painting award 2004
2 pieces of work in the Liverpool Independants Biennial 2004
Work in gallery in California (1 now sold) 2005
Paintings in Florida art museum process of being sold USA
Commissions from private individuals ongoing

all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated

JMU Degree Show 2004

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