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Ildiko Szabo




Hungarian University degree as Teacher of English, C&G Level 4 FE Teaching, HND Clothing Technology, BTEC Prof. Diploma in Theatre Costume, C&G Level 3 Textile Decoration

Crochet, knitting, crafts



I work with a combination of freeform knitting & crochet inspired by organic forms and nature. I love experimenting with using unusual materials such as nylon tights, nylon cords, cut up plastic bags, wire, rags, etc.

My Hungarian background has given me a taste for bright, vibrant colours, floral motifs as well as the love of folk art and appreciation of traditional handicrafts. I make sculptural pieces, necklaces, wraps and bags.

I am involved with the newly re-opened Bluecoat Centre running workshops
I have submitted a design for Go Superlambananas
Have recently exhibited masks at the Liverpool Academy of Art
Own crocheted sub-coral reef contributed to the Hyperbolic Coral Reef exhibition by the Institute for Figuring earlier held in the Chicago Cultural Centre, soon moving to New York and in early summer to the Hayward Gallery in London. IFF website:
Panel crocheted out of recycled plastic bags for the Fiber Collaborative Gas Station project (in progress). Website:

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Freeform knitted collar
Medium: Mixed knitting yarns
Curly necklace

Medium: Crocheted cotton yarn
image 3 image 4
White corals

Medium: Crocheted acrylic yarns
Hyperbolic coral reef

Medium: Crocheted acrylic yarns
image 5 image 6
Plastic handbag
Medium: Crocheted plastic bags
Plastic bag garden

Medium: Crocheted and fused plastic bags