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Steve Strode




1995-1999 Bachelor of Education, First Class Honours degree
2005 – Present Studying for M.A

Oil Painting



Steve Strode graduated in 1999 with a first class honours Bachelor of Education degree at Liverpool Hope University. Specialising in Art and Education he went on to work both from the studio, and within the community. Steve works for more than one Local Authority delivering art workshops and is also employed at H.M.P Liverpool, teaching art to inmates. He is currently studying for his Masters Degree on an Artist/Teacher programme At Liverpool John Moores University, in conjunction with Tate Liverpool and Walker Galleries.

This latest body of work has been an ongoing project that deals with the landscape of the West Penwith coast of Cornwall . Working along the South West peninsula Steve attempts to create a sense of place that is experienced when exploring the landscape, rather than a scenic rendition of a specific site. The subject has led to an expansive body of work that has been successfully shown throughout the country including, London , at this year’s art fair, and the Ainscough Galleries and in Manchester , for Comme Ca Pr.

Currently represented by:
Waterford Galleries, Manchester .
Byard Art, Cambridge.
Gascoigne Gallery, Harrogate


2006 Royal Philharmonic Hall Liverpool
2006 Arena Studio Gallery Liverpool
2006 Gascoigne Gallery Harrogate
2006 John Moores University Liverpool
3345 Members Club Liverpool
Mood Art Gallery Newton le Willows
Byard Art Cambridge
Waterford Gallery Manchester
Met Art Gallery Liverpool
Waterford Gallery Manchester
2005 Byard Art Cambridge
2005 Accessible Arts Manchester
2005 Domino Gallery Liverpool
2005 Liverpool Academy of Arts Liverpool
2004 Waterford Gallery Manchester
2004 Ainscough Contemporary London
2004 Byard Art Cambridge
2004 Liverpool Academy of Arts Liverpool
2003 Ainscough Contemporary London
2003 Black Sheep Gallery North Wales
2003 Grosvenor Gallery & Museum Chester
2003 Lewis’s Gallery Liverpool
2002 Atkinson Gallery Southport
2002 Liverpool Academy of Arts Liverpool
2002 Atkinson Gallery Southport
2002 Birchwood Park Warrington
2002 Timber Wharf Gallery Manchester
2002 Artco Gallery Leeds
2002 Deva Centre Manchester
2001 Atkinson Gallery Southport
2001 Riverside Apartments Liverpool
2001 The View Two Gallery Liverpool
2000 Affordable Art Fair London
2000 The Chorlton Mill Gallery Manchester
2000 Drumcroon Open Wigan
2000 The Hub Liverpool
2000 Road Range (NSPCC) Liverpool
2000 Civic Hall St Helens
1999 St George’s Hall Liverpool
1999 The View Gallery Liverpool
1999 Edinburgh Festival Edinburgh
1999 Road Range (NSPCC) Liverpool
1999 Liverpool Women’s Hospital Liverpool
1999 Hanover Galleries Liverpool
1999 Hope University Degree Show Liverpool

Solo Exhibitions
2005 Domino Gallery Liverpool
2004 Domino Gallery Liverpool
2004 Liverpool Academy of Arts Liverpool
2002 Studio 50 Liverpool
2002 Liverpool College Liverpool
2002 Citadel Theatre St Helens
2000 The Leadstation Manchester
1999 The Hub Liverpool

Commissions and Buyers
2004 Barbaccoa Liverpool
2003 Space Group Manchester
2002 Switch Ltd Newcastle
2001 Wetherspoons Breweries Manchester
2000 Space Group for ‘Chorlton Mill Loft Apartments‘ Manchester
2000 Scottish and Newcastle Breweries for ‘Bar Censsa’ Glasgow
1999 Scottish and Newcastle Breweries for ‘Bar Censsa’ Solihull
1999 Scottish and Newcastle Breweries for ‘Bar Censsa’ Leeds
1999 Whitbread Breweries, ‘The New Ely’ (Mural). Cardiff
1999 Electronet Liverpool
1999 ‘ Something Blu’, Restaurant Manchester

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Cornwall 4
Oil on canvas

Penwith 8
Oil on canvas
Sefton 2
Oil on canvas