Stringer, Claire

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Claire Stringer


BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting, Glasgow School of Art (GSA) 2001


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  “Making art is a way of interpreting and forming a greater understanding of my environment and experiences. My work is concerned with capturing and expressing the energy of the moment. In it I hold a balance between figurative and abstract representation. In both I aim to retain the rawness and simplicity of my initial observation through the use of line and colour.”
  Jan-March 2005   Unity Theatre, Liverpool. Joint exhibition with Liverpool artist Michael Pace-Sigge.
Oct04-Jan 2005   Liverpool Biennial. Solo exhibition ‘An order of Chaos’ at Puschka Restaurant.
Oct-Nov 2004     The Sefton Open Exhibition, Southport.
Sept-Oct 2004    Dukes Oak Gallery, Cheshire. Open Exhibition
May-Sept 2004    Solo show in Puschka Restaurant, Rodney Street, Liverpool.
Mar-April 2004     The Kif, Parr Street, Liverpool. Group Show..
Jan-Mar 2004      The Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool.
November 2003     ‘ART from the Square’. The Atrium. Liver Buildings. Liverpool. Group Show.
Sept-Oct 2003     Open Exhibition, Firbob & Peacock. Open Exhibition, Cheshire
July-Aug 2003      Blackburne House, Hope Street, Liverpool. Exhibition of Laos Studies.
March 2003         Arthose, Liverpool. Group Show, ‘Major Merseyside Artists’.
Oct-Nov 2002      Sefton Open, The Atkinson Gallery, Southport
September 2002    The Elephant House Café, Edinburgh. Group Show.

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‘Agitato’ – oil & enamel on door
‘Vivace’ – oil & enamel on canvas
‘Energy Field’ – oil on canvas
‘Greens’ – oil on board
‘Pink Energy’