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Aimee Spilsted




Textile Art/Collage



I work mostly in textiles, creating retrospective pieces of collage which resonate urban degradation. My inspiration comes from the saturation of materials in our living environments, I believe that decay and erosion when taken out of context, have an uncomplicated beauty, a sense of history and time passed. Within our every day environment there is a richness and depth all around that dissolves into neglected memories, layer upon layer imprinted upon by us.
I like the ambiguity of materials which are worn and aged, often using found objects, old clothing, things with a previous lifetime, a story to tell. I also soak fabric with metals to rust or pin out to age of its own accord in various locations both urban and rural, this unpredictive nature can achieve both subtle and extreme results.


I have exhibited in a number of Galleries, The Cecelia Colman Gallery, London, Primavera and Cambridge Contemporary Art, Cambridge, Ronald Pile Gallery, Ely, Godfrey&Watt, Harrogate, amongst them.

Urban Coffee, Liverpool, Jan. 2006

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