Small, Benjamin

Benjamin Small, Lake

Benjamin Small

BA Hons Illustration (UCLAN Preston)
diploma illustration (Bauhaus Weimar)

I observe people in bars on buses and trains I am currently refining my skills to enable me to articulate myself better in future paintings I am not making a statement at the moment just observing.

Being middle aged I spend more time with the family and less time in Bars.

News: Working on oil paintings and drawing between work and family as an interest. Due to covid I am not on public transport so much currently, however I observe the young children I work with and will develop this work further in future.



2003 – new blood, new designers

2004 – Jena messa, mall gallery, Lynda McCartney Centre

2005 – Lynda McCartney Centre – Senate House

2011 – Jenart Gallery

2015 – Rasenmühle Gallery

2021 – Kulturbahnhof Gallery