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Abstract Photography


  I specialise in abstract photography. My pictures contain, to varying degrees, a combination of many tones of colour, shapes and sometimes dense textures and patterns.

People sometimes make reference to the way I have manipulated my images. But I have to point out that none of my photographs are produced through manipulation. All of my photographs are non-digital. I basically use a Nikon 801 with varying types of lenses, compose and take a photograph, and that’s it!

I possess a strong sense of keeping my images, in a sense, pure. What I see through the viewfinder is ultimately what I want printed, framed and exhibited.


  I have staged or been involved in numerous exhibitions, both in this country and abroad. They include shows in:

Savannah, Georgia, USA (AT Hun Gallery);
Brussels (in an exhibition organised by Liverpool & Manchester Design Initiative);
Gottingen, near Cologne (in collaboration with Blackthorn Galleries, Birkenhead);
2002 Liverpool Arts Biennial (Independent Section) – solo show at the 3345 bar;

Including other shows at: The View Gallery; John Moores School of Art & Design department; Southport Arts Centre; Jump Ship Rat Gallery; The Atrium, Liver Building; Blundell Street Gallery; Unity Theatre;Calderstones Park; Ktisis Gallery.

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