Friday, June 9, 2023

Rush, Emma

Emma Rush is a self-taught visual artist originally from The Lake District. She studied Art and Design, and Graphics at Lakes College West Cumbria. Since 2010 she has lived and worked in Birkenhead, Merseyside where she continues to paint and sell her work.

Artist’s Statement:

Starting a new painting, my goal is always to try something different, learn something new, and to gain more confidence in my skill. The typical viewer of Photorealistic art will firstly be impressed by the startling realism recreated in this genre of painting. The striking reflections in a teary eye, capturing every freckle and wrinkle on a face. Like all photorealists, I aim to create a realistic image. Some realist painters can duplicate this reality so detailed and precise that a painting is often mistaken for a photograph. This is not my main preoccupation – the journey from the beginning to the end is what fascinates me. Going through different emotions from trepidation looking at a blank canvas to frustration from not mixing the right colour to a moment of pure joy knowing that it is complete and you can see the resemblance. For me, this is what it is all about.

I apply paint to canvas in any way that I can to create texture and depth. Using a mixture of brushes, sponges and my fingers to blend allows me to keep building layers until I have got the desired effect. I also like to exaggerate brush strokes, lines and scratches to ensure the viewer always knows that it is still painting. Going through all these emotions, experiments and using different techniques helps me grow as an artist, and being happy with a finished painting after going through that journey encourages me to do it all again and keep painting.

My Subjects:

Life today involves regular exposure to many different types of mass media and popular culture. Icons, celebrities, film stars and musicians are beamed at us every day through magazines, television sets and movie screens. Being inspired by Music, Films and Popular Culture in general. I like to recreate images of these icons onto canvas.