Rodgers, Jordan

Jordan Rodgers is a BA (Hons) Fine Art, First-Class graduate from Lancaster University, who presents cross-disciplinary drawing involving architectural visualisation. His style is reminiscent of cubist, futurist where the extended lines of the buildings appear to have angles, which have more potential than the visible; the invisible of the building. Since graduating in July 2012 his work has already been exhibited in selected group and solo shows and published in national and international art magazines and websites. Long-listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2012, including contribution in 100 Contemporary Artists 2013 Anthology.

Artist Statement

The themes I pursue involve exploration between art and technology as a means to record and document everyday journeys drawn in the evolution of a Modern Metropolis. These include personal narratives and environmental awareness of Psychogeography specific to the location. Comparing historical, architectural and cultural influences raises questions about how far one can observe at any given moment. Integral part of my art as process addresses both what meets the eye and what the eye constructs. With consideration toward exhibiting my drawings on a small scale handheld device to one that through installation creates an experience almost of stepping into the environment.

Drawing is a map of time, recording the actions of the maker allows the viewer to move through the journey of creation. I ask what can the medium of drawing do in relation to altering the perception the landscape we live in today?


Solo Exhibitions


Selected Group Exhibitions


  • Upcoming > 17th May_26th May > Light Night > Shoot Gallery Camp & Furnace > Liverpool



  • Atkinson Summer Show > Atkinson Art Gallery > Southport


  • Atkinson Summer Show > Atkinson Art Gallery > Southport



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