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Roberts, Alice

imageAlice Roberts


Alice Roberts


There is some art on my facebook which is


M.Res Art and Design History, John Moores, 2008 (Pass)
and History of Art degree at Manchester University 1997 (2.1)

Painting, Collage, Photomontage, Jewellery and Accessories


  I create collages using photographs, digital or otherwise, and various found objects. Sometimes these incorporate text which may or may not relate to the images, in a random Dada way. Generally my work is either in the form of a digitally manipulated composite photograph, comprising various images melded together like a photomontage, or a collage made with magazine, newspaper and photocopied old texts from the Victorian and early 20th century periods mainly, as well as wartime propaganda.

They are rarely larger than an A1 piece of paper and are occasionally festooned with glitter, sellotape, and sequins. I also create collages using fabrics which are sewn onto cardboard to create a semi-abstract landscape or cityscape. Sometimes I exploit strange shapes in nature to create interesting patterns. There is no real theme other than a maniacal forest of signs, symbols, colours and lurid news headlines – with no article to follow.

  Part of Soup Tate Liverpool Artists’ Group at View 2 gallery from April 22 to 27 2009

all images are copyright the artist unless otherwise stated
image image
– Photograph of artwork in garden, collage, glitter and sequins, sellotape, mounted on board
‘Do you really want to miss out on this?
…Get a war job!’
– Collage, sellotape, paper

‘Blue Jewel Repeater’
– Collage, photos, glitter and acrylic on canvas

  ‘A Bag of Nerves’
– acrylic, glitter, sellotape, photos, colour printout
‘Blue Night Scene’
– Digitally enhanced photo