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Parry, Ilsa


Ilsa Parry
3D designer / artist


Ilsa Parry


MA Artist Teacher
Pdip Design and technology Education
PGCE Design Technology RM+TEX
BA (hons) Three Dimensional Design

3D Designer / Artist


I am a three dimensional designer, my current work consists mainly of lighting and small items of furniture/ accessories for the home which have an emphasis on innovative use of processes and materials and visual reference (in some cases) to conceptual issues.

I am particularly interested in local culture and its role within our community and society. Much of my work is functional yet artistic by concept. I believe in the design of “smart products” which not only serve a functional purpose to improve our physical life experience, but contribute to thought provocation to educate and inform.

I work with a variety of materials and equipment, my practise does not focus on a particular “style” or method – instead it is fabricated as appropriate in response to the concept developed or the problem that is to be solved, as a result I work within all material areas but mainly with plastics, metals, timber and found objects. In order to construct my work I have to use a range of both hand tools and small bench mounted electrical equipment.

RE:thinkthings is a product design and creative / education consultancy owned by Ilsa Parry, a designer and lecturer of design who was a recent contestant on the BBC reality TV show “Design for Life” with Philippe Starck. Ilsa has 9 years of experience with design and 5 years in design education.

Ilsa is a focussed and passionate practitioner taking on projects and commissions through a broad art and design based spectrum. She has gained ample press recognition for her work she aims to RE:thinkthings, to DESIGN things that make you think, to CREATE by thinking about things in an innovative way, to EDUCATE by encouraging others to rethink the way they think about things…

Ilsa works with a variety of materials and technology and is proficient using a range of manufacturing equipment, machine and hand tools, she has a broad knowledge of industrial manufacturing and construction methods and believes herself to be innovative and sensible when it comes to solving problems. Her design method does not focus on a particular “style” or philosophy – instead it is fabricated with common sense, creativity and vision as appropriate in response to the brief.

Through her training and applied enthusiasm Ilsa has experience in product design, silversmithing, furniture design, joinery, ceramics, glasswork, CAD/CAM, image manipulation, prototyping, modelmaking, technical drawing, rendering, marketing, branding, craft, textiles, set design, electronic products, fine art painting, interior design and property development, public art sculptures and street furniture, graphic communication and web design, community workshops and public speaking, art therapy, curation, exhibition design, photography, lighting design and installations, portraits, 3D reliefs and murals in collaboration with companies like Saatchi, Landor, Liverpool city council, The NHS, The BBC, Two Four production company, Liverpool Echo, Arena, Riverside Housing Group, United Utilities and Microzine.





Highly Commended – 100 shirts competition – 2006

Interior Design Magazine – London – 2004

Design Show Liverpool


Semi Finalist – Audi design education awards

New Design Magazine – London – 2004

Arena in the Biennial



Winner – The Phillips Lighting Award – 2003

Elle Décor Magazine – Milan – 2003

“People & Love”



Selected Finalist – The Lighting Association Student Awards – 2003

Marie Claire Magazine – Seoul – 2003

REDESIGN – contains – Newcastle


Runner up – Corus Metals Student Design Competition – 2002

Dwell Magazine – San Francisco – 2003

Sense and Sensitivity – Wirral


Achievement Award for Excellence in Art and Design – Presented by Joe Benton MP – 1999

Design Week Magazine – London – 2003

Fertile minds – Wirral


Ruth Menzies Memorial Prize for Art and Design – presented at the Philharmonic Hall – 1996

Icon Magazine – London – 2003

100 shirts – Microzine – Liverpool 2006

IDFX Magazine – London – 2003

Inner City Living Exhibition – Preston 2005

Light Magazine – London – 2003

Inner City Living Exhibition – Preston 2004

Lighting Equipment News – London – 2003

The Lighting Show – Birmingham NEC – 2004

Smart Practice Magazine – Manchester – 2003

Make Me – Manchester – 2003

Metro Newspaper – Manchester – 2003

Pay and Display – Manchester 2003

Evening Newspaper – Manchester – 2003

New Creators – Rochdale – 2003

Echo Newspaper – Liverpool – 2003

Designers Block – London – 2003

New Designers – London – 2003

The Lighting Association HQ – Telford – 2003

MMU Degree Show – Manchester – 2003

Imagination Gallery – London – 2002

Hugh Baird College – Liverpool 2000

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