Friday, September 29, 2023

Nolan, Irene

Diploma for art 1968, Classroom assistant certificate pass 1991 city & guilds art & design 1996


I am an artist/Illustrator mainly self taught with some basic training, using fish and figurative images in my art works.
I use acrylics on canvas with bright colours in an abstract way.
My Ideas come from Bible stories and images around me at the time.

Solo Exhibitions and Performances :
The Art House, Peterborough.
The Blackmountain art gallery, Wales.
Artesian Arts, & Nexus art gallery, Edinburgh Scotland.
Illustrations created for, Remploy LTD.
The Information centre, Runcorn.
Elesmere Port Library.
The Art House, Doncaster.
Mountbatten Art Gallery, Portsmouth.
Halton Lee library Runcorn.

Collectives Exhibitions and Performances :
The Nexus gallery, Scotland,
The Blackmountain gallery, Swansea, Wales.
The Blacksheep art gallery, Wales
Frodsham art gallery, Cheshire.
Art in the Garden, Liverpool.
The Canon Hall Museum, Barnsley.
Nina,Yoke & Zoom art vending machines, Tokyo.
Artspace art gallery,Clayton Square, Liverpool
Qiggins art gallery, Liverpool.
The Hanover gallery, Liverpool.
Senate House, Liverpool.
The womens Hospital, Liverpool.
The Lord Dardsbury Hotel, Warrington.
The Trust house Forte Hotel, Runcorn.
The Gardens of Delights, Manchester.

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