Mohamad Noor, Sufea

Sufea Mohamad Noor is an emerging, interdisciplinary artist who explores the potential of disregarded objects in addition to portraying the overlooked entities in everyday life.

Mohamad Noor’s works are often simple and somehow derisory at first glance and tend to reveal their complex true self to the viewer who engages with them.

Her practise combines technical skills with fine art concepts while incorporating ‘Use Value in Art’; the belief that artists should use his/her creativity as a tool to solve problems and add long-term enrichment to our everyday lives.


Past Exhibitions as Artist:

 The School’s Turner Prize at Tate, Liverpool (2007)

GCSE exhbition at St Hilda’s CE High School, Liverpool (2009)

Generate 11 (AS) exhibition at Mezza9 Gallery, Liverpool (2011)

Reserved artist for Young Tate’s Sense of Perspective competition at Tate, Liverpool (2011)

Anthony Walker’s Foundation exhibition at LEX, Liverpool (2012)

Spectrum exhbition at Mezza9 Gallery, Liverpool (2012)

Generate 12 (A2) exhibition at Mezza9 Gallery, Liverpool (2012)

Not Just exhibition at Domino Gallery, Liverpool (2013)

Hand on Crafts exhibition at The Bluecoat Creative Hub, Liverpool (2013)

Hand on Crafts exhibition at Southport College, Southport (2013)


Exhibitions & Events as Curator:

 Projects at Mezza9 Gallery:
  1. On Cloud 9 (2011)
  2. Generate 11 (2011)
  3. Northern Bearings (2012)
  4. Spectrum (2012)
  5. Generate 12 (2012)

Projects at Tate Liverpool Gallery:

  1. Curiouser and Curiouser (2011)
  2. Plus Tate (2012)
  3. Grizedale Artists Residency (2012)
  4. Glam! 21st Century Factory, a programme of three events (2013)
  5. Future Tate, a monthly art club for 11-14 year olds (ongoing)
  6. Talks, presentations and seminars related to young people’s programme at Tate Liverpool (ongoing)
  7. Artist Educators’ assistant (ongoing)


Projects for Not Just Collective:
  1. Not Just at Domino Gallery (2013)
  2. Recurring at Camp and Furnace for Light Night (2013)


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